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Video: What I love about web development

Artist, developer and Web Atrium founder Julia van der Wyk shares what she loves about being in the business, and describes how she can help others with her expert skills.

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With The Web Atrium as dedicated support, you can rest easy knowing your website is secure, and doing its job.

Our clients enjoy:

  • Accessible website structure and design, to fit their customers needs
  • Updated, secure codebase under the hood
  • Admin interface and special features designed for ease of use for content editors

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How do we get to know your business?

Our web services are all about providing customized website and support experiences. Getting to know you and your organization is key to our ability to serve your needs. So how do we get to know your business? Our Intro Call Our intro call lets us talk one to one and get to know each other […]

“I met Julia when I took over managing the website. She was the full stack developer that had been supporting the site for a few years with her business partner at the time.

Not long after we started working together, her business partner retired and she pivoted to supporting the site alone. She was able to quickly ramp on the work her partner was doing and it helped ensure we didn’t run into any issues with the site.

Julia was instrumental in a few of our biggest projects. She supported creating new templates for campaigns and our virtual yearly event but the biggest project was redesigning the entire website. She helped ramp a new developer while redesigning over 25 templates, impacting over 2000 pages, updating our menu navigation, improving our mobile, and ensuring accessibility standards were met.

Julia is a fast learner, a team player, and has years of experience. Her experience allows her to also bring suggestions for improvements that will help improve your business!”

Is your website falling down on the job?

Every website has a job, just like human employees. They sell for us, create communities and provide information. But without dedicated support, how well can your website actually perform?

  • Outdated, inaccessible website structure discourages customers from engagement.
  • An older, insecure codebase is more inviting to malicious scripts.
  • Overly complex admin interfaces prevent editors from updating the content.

We know how important your website is to your business. We give support and expertise to our clients so they can spend their time growing their business and running their organizations.

We want you to feel supported

At The Web Atrium we know that you want to feel supported in the care of your website.

Struggling with technology outside your field, just to be in business is stressful and frustrating. It takes time and attention away from your most important contributions.

You need a dedicated web team with expertise and integrity you can rely upon.

We understand the struggle. We’ve helped enterprise teams, arts organizations and non-profit groups just like yours lighten their load.

We believe you deserve a trusted partner who can implement what you need—a secure website that’s easy to use, accessible, and gets results.

Here's how we do it:

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  2. With your input we’ll suggest a plan of action
  3. You approve the plan and we’ll take care of the rest