Our Focus

Accessible website structure and design
Up to date, secure codebase under the hood
Giving content admins the tools they need to succeed

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Accessibility opens to the door to anyone who might want to do business through your website. Many companies create their color themes, site structure and special enhancements thinking only of fully able people with fast Internet and large screen devices.

Working with accessibility standards, we think about the particular users that are important to your organization. What devices do they like? Are they using screen readers? How does animation affect their experience? There are many more questions to consider when building a design that works for as many people in your audience as possible.

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WordPress Development

WordPress has become our web framework of choice. Why? It has an easy to use admin experience out of the box, and a codebase and theming system that can be extensible with custom code and plugins to create anything from a simple informational website, like this one, to a large dynamic shopping site.

There are regular core code updates which can be implemented without a large scale effort or manual code patches. Most content admins will be already familiar with the form and structure of admin screens, and we love developing custom themes with just the right features that our clients need.

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Admin Tools and Training

Whatever the framework is that supports your site, it’s got an admin interface that content builders need to navigate to get their work done.

We build our custom features with your admins in mind, and offer training sessions and documentation, so they can get right to the task at hand.