Featured Client Services

Some great examples of how Julia from The Web Atrium has supported clients’ businesses and organizations

“We needed to update our website and called upon Julia to help facilitate and streamline the project. She recommended that we transition our platform to WordPress and, with a carefully crafted plan, guided us through the entire process. Julia provided a clear outline for each of the steps involved and a list of tasks for each of us to complete, communicating with us regularly to ensure that her vision for the project was consistent with our goals. We were able to devote the majority of our own time to the necessary content updates while Julia facilitated a smooth transition to the new platform. Julia also provided a thorough demonstration on the use of WordPress, enabling us to continue managing the new website on our own going forward.

The new website has proven to be a major upgrade from what we had before; these improvements show not only in its updated aesthetic and content, but also in its user-friendliness and ease of management. Thanks to Julia’s attentiveness and communication, we were able to navigate all of the technical aspects of this process without issue. The new website was even ready to launch ahead of schedule while meeting all of our goals! We highly recommend the Web Atrium to anyone seeking to upgrade their own web projects in the future.”