How do we get to know your business?

Artist and web developer Julia van der Wyk outlines how she gets to know the three most important aspects of clients business during the introductory call.
The video is 3 minutes with captions.

Our web services are all about providing customized website and support experiences.
Getting to know you and your organization is key to our ability to serve your needs.

So how do we get to know your business?

Our Intro Call

Our intro call lets us talk one to one and get to know each other as people. It is also where we get to know the most important basics about your organization.

Before we get on the call, The Web Atrium will already know a few pieces: company name, industry, website address, and your name. We may also have an idea of the style and scope of project we’ll be discussing. We learn this from your intake form answers which are short and sweet, and we do a little research on our own.

During the call we’ll want to dive a little deeper. We try to keep these questions simple and to the point. Here’s an overview of what we want to know:

What job(s) does a website need to do for your business?

A website isn’t just a line on a business card, it has a purpose. We’ll work with you to define this purpose if you aren’t sure what you need.

If you already have a website, we’ll listen to hear what is or isn’t working well, and discover what we might want to do so that it can do it’s job well.

You might also want to change the job that the website currently has. We can go through the kinds of things your organization needs that could be handled by a website to evaluate a possible new direction.

Who is your target audience(s)?

We’d like to get to know your customer too. Who do you serve, and what do they get out of your website? What are their most common accessibility needs? Can they easily navigate the site? What is the most common device they use?

We know that the more we understand who the real people are that experience the website, the better our design and development will support their need.

Who will be editing content for the site?

A very important question indeed! Our services would be all for naught if we created a website that the content admins struggle to keep up. We’d like to know how we can support the way they work best, so they can enjoy a more efficient workflow.


Understanding basics about your organization is only the beginning. Learning what job your website does for the company, and getting to know the people that use and experience the website open the doors to a successful customized web support service.

We hope you’re just as keen to have these conversations as we are.

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